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Certified Customized Cleaning

If there is one thing that sets us apart from all the other cleaning services in town, it’s this… We customize our cleaning to your home. No one home is quite alike. Is that not the reason you love your home? Not to mention sleeping in your own bed after a long vacation. Well, we want to help you maintain a neat and clean environment, so you can concentrate on the other things in life, like the bill after the vacation!

Of course, we offer deep cleaning service, general cleaning service and individual customized cleaning services. No matter which one you may need at the time, we strive to get your household up and running in no time flat.

With our deep cleaning service you can rest assured that not one inch will be left untouched. We really stress the importance of starting with this service, so that you may breathe easier. The deep cleaning service is wonderful for special occasions, parties, having important guest stay over (in-laws), or moving to another house.  Others whom may benefit from the deep cleaning service are our one time cleaning or if you need that deposit back on an apartment – we recommend it and you won’t regret it.

Our general cleaning service is tailored for maintaining the household nice and clean. This can be done on a weekly schedule or bi-monthly. You’ll love coming home to a radiant home for your family. Now if you could only find a chef at such a bargain!

Our individual customized cleaning services are exactly that; tailored for our clientele that need a little here and a bit more there. If you are on a budget, we can work with that budget. We want to help empower all of our clients. Maybe you never use the upstairs guest room and bathroom…Or you don’t want anyone going into your home office, No Problem! Lets both save some time and save some cash.